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GSM modem


GSM modem is a printed circuit board with installed electronic components and software for test connection to the computer. modem is intended for use in products. Has a connector for connection external antenna and power connector and control. Communication with an external device is carried out via interface 232 standard level. The minimum number of signals (reception and transmission) is used. Power is supplied from an unstabilized source of permanent a current of voltage 5-9V. The current consumption is not more than 3A.

modem has a SIM card holder. The card is not included in the scope of supply.

The overall dimensions of the product do not exceed: 103,6х45х 22,3


Connector X1 (antenna)

connector X1 antenna for GSM modem

Connector X2 (power and control)

Plug 5 pins:

  • Output 1 power
  • Output 2 Powered by 5V (1A)
  • Output 3 TxD
  • Output 4 RxD
  • Output 5 GND Logical Ground

The TxD and RxD signals are standard signals (the RS 232 driver is used).

  • GSM / GPRS frequency range GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900
  • Radiated power Class4(2 Вт 900 MHz), Class1(1 Вт 1800 MHz);
  • AT command control (GSM 07.07, 07.05, SIMCOM)
  • Operating temperature from -20°С to +70°С
  • working with a limitation from -30°C to +80°С

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